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Posted on August 14, 2020

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Hi all,

Today I will present you NANAS, a huge Fashion Croquis collection ready to use in your designs. Inside my shop you can see different sample designs I did so that you can see the possibilities of using a ready made croquis, this way, you can focus totally on designing the outwear and not on drawing bodies lol^^

Nanas Fashion Templates

READ THIS PLEASE: This collection is created using my hand drawings that I digitalize, clean, contour and prepare it for you to use. The characteristic of the Nanas collection is the style, as it is made similar to the ANIME DRAWING STYLE. In case you want a more neutral style, feel free to look at my other Body sketches, there are plenty;)

DIGITAL PRODUCT – Instant download

NANAS VOLUME 1: You will receive 1 PDF file with the Link to my DropBox Forder containing all the products:

– 51 JPGs – ready to customize with any dedicated software;
– 1 PDF – printfriendly – 51 pages ready to print every template, and draw directly on paper.

NANAS VOLUME 2: You will receive 1 PDF file with the Link to my DropBox Forder containing all the products:

– 40 JPGs – ready to customize with any dedicated software;
– 1 PDF – printfriendly – 40 pages ready to print every template, and draw directly on paper.

Once you open the PDF, click on the main link and you will access my Dropbox from where you can download all the content. Since the files are of high quality, it is not possible to host it on other platform because they have very limited space, therefore they do not enter; thanks for your understanding. If you have any problem with the download, feel free to contact me immediately, I will be happy to assist you!

The same content comes also zipped in RAR type file.
You need ZIP to unpack the files directly in your computer. You can get ZIP here:


DIGITAL PRODUCT – Instant download


You always wanted to draw fashion models but had problems with the body sketch?
You have to present fashion design projects, you are out of time and you want it professional?
You love to draw fashion design but your anatomy drawing techniques are not at the same level as your creativity?
You just want to have fun creating your wardrobe but body sketching is too problematic and you don’t need to learn body anatomy anyway in order to put your ideas on paper?

If you answered YES to any of those questions then you are in the right place!

Let me present you my fashion template collection, a set of elements intended to assist you in your fashion design projects and presentations.
You can easily adapt and customize all the elements either printed, either with your computer.

Main advantages of using templates:

  1. Design with precision and speed using our digital fashion templates.
  2. Customize clothing styles, experiment with fabrics, and visualize your ideas in a digital format, streamlining your creative process.
  3. Create a cohesive fashion collection with ease using our digital templates.
  4. Mix and match designs, explore various color palettes, and visualize the entire collection effortlessly.
  5. Perfect your fashion sketches with our detailed digital templates.
  6. Focus on refining your design elements, proportions, and embellishments, resulting in professional-grade illustrations ready for presentation or production.

The figures come in high quality, it can be printed in both A3 and A4 size, or even bigger and with very small loss of quality; you can even print parts of the figure such as upper body part, lower body part, etc., and customize it with accessories and other garments that you want to include in your collection.

If you prefer to draw with your hand, you can use the PDF I provide and print the files and draw over the different figures. With a soft pencil you can draw the contour, and with color pencils or any other technique you can do the rest, playing with colors, tones, shadows and light for a fantastic result.

Also, for those of you wishing to play and investigate more, try this:
– Textile over paper – you can try to cut small samples of textiles and place it over the Full body sketch, creating amazing collage!
– Elements over paper – you can use all kinds of elements, from sand, paillettes, glitter, stones, shells, bottons or any other possible element you may think of, just try;)
– Watercolor, hand painting, karioka, pastel colors or any other similar stuff:)
– Any other technique you can imagine!

Feel free to play, draw by hand or Procreate/Photoshop/Etc., collage, use watercolor, crayons, etc., as you will be surprised to see the tons of possibilities you can extract from this set of templates.

And, don’t be affraid to do mistakes, you can always start again – the beauty of buying digital – and enjoy the process.
High quality digital download. All files are JPG and PDF format

*for a small amount you can have all this, mix it and customize it in thousand ways, and use it All the times you want!!

I really believe this set of fashion templates can be a fantastic tool for any professional, aspiring fashion designer, or for those of you willing to design your wardrobe.
Please feedback me and if you wish, feel free to share with us your finished project:)

They can be used in Procreate, Photoshop, Illustrator or printed out directly to be used with tracing paper or light tablet.

Visit my social media to see some example about how I use them!

These templates were designed to help and support fashion designers to develop fashion illustrations and sketches so you get designing and illustrating right away!
Please do not sell or redistribute.


I don’t accept returns, exchanges or cancellations. But please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have problem with your order, if you need any suggestions or have any doubts about the templates, I will be very happy to offer my help!

Feel free to contact me if you have any special request 🙂

Please read carefully:

a) You are purchasing a Digital product. No prints will be sent.
b) Your files will be available to download once payment is confirmed, as per the Etsy policy.
c) You need access to a computer /a ZIP/RAR extractor /a printer /software that reads JPGs /PDFs.
d) The files are ready to print but you may need special software such as Photoshop or similar in order to use the files on your computer.

All my products are fully DIGITAL, and with your purchase, you will receive digital files only. NO PRINTED MATERIALS NOR ANY OTHER ELEMENTS ARE INCLUDED!

The files will be delivered electronically.

******* Due to the nature of the product, there are no returns once the item has been purchased*******

COPYRIGHT of ©margalgau
Terms of use: I will be really happy to be useful to you so please feel free to use my designs in all your personal projects. You may not share, resell or redistribute the designs without the corresponding licence. Should you need an extended licence for commercial use, please feel free to contact me, thank you.

If you wish, you can tag the designer ‘s instagram @margalgau

Thank you all!!


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